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“Eviction is for black women what incarceration is for black men”

It’s a provocative line in what promises to be some provocative scholarship.

I’d never thought of it before but instability in housing was very common among the young women I worked with in my previous life. And that’s no small thing. Many young women came to over-rely on their boyfriends and partners because they needed their support, however tenuous, to make rent at the first of the month. Sometimes these young men were nice and supportive. Sometimes they were not. When they were not the young women were faced not just with breaking up with a boyfriend but with losing their home. All of that can make pursuing post-secondary education particularly difficult. I continue to say that there is something in the data on single female headed households in for-profit school attendance that speaks to larger issues about how women are penalized for giving birth in this country. Eviction is likely part of that story. From the article:

Among young black men in America, about 10 percent are currently incarcerated. It’s shocking, but we’ve almost grown used to it.

But while those young men are in prison, what’s happening to their wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters?

Eviction. A new study coming out of Milwaukee shows that eviction is for black women what incarceration is for black men. One in 20 households there are evicted every year. In predominately black communities, that rate doubles to 1 in 10 families.

For those of us who are affluent, with relatively stable incomes, we’ve never even had to think about what it would be like. — Megan Cottrell via True Slant


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