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Alt-White in the Academy


Twitter has been good to me and my academic career. So, I was very excited to see this list of academics, by discipline, for some new follows.

Alas, I found the list to be very very…white for my tastes.

That is, as the young people say, no shade. I like white people. Some of my best friends are white. The dominance of white academics on a “comprehensive” list is a function of the hive mind that like attracts like and then like crowd sources like and then like becomes archived as THE ones to like.

But my black self is on twitter, too. I can like, archive, crowd source with the best of them. It seems silly, perhaps. But this is how institutional knowledge becomes institutionalized. And how innocent social networks of like-minded people become lists that systematically exclude POC. But the internet and social media offers a great chance to disrupt some of that power-hoarding.

So, I’m asking my folks to tweet me the profiles of academics of color (and their policy institutes, journals, think tanks, etc.) over on twitter.

You can @tressiemcphd the twitter handle with hashtag #discipline and #minorityscholars. And, um, again not to throw shade but by #discipline I mean hashtag the person’s discipline (i.e. #economics, #sociology).

I already have so many fascinating submissions that my new plan is to produce comprehensive lists by discipline (Social Science, Humanities, Education, Think Tanks/Institutions) and then produce a top 20 list of All-Star Alt-White Academics on twitter.

I hope you’ll join me in this fun endeavor.



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