some of us are brave

I know this young man, Jonathan Wall, and if ever one was going to class up a sports bar in the entertainment capital of a two block stretch of pavement & half-full storefronts that is the urban, urbane utopia that is Raleigh, NC, USA it would be Jonathon. Forgive me but I know this area well and I know his treatment is not at all unique. They call it controlling the “atmosphere”. I call it racism. Potato, potahto.


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  1. Neville Ross
    June 22, 2012

    Let’s all agree not to go to this bar, then, and while we’re all at it, let’s spread the word to everybody around the world that if they want to visit this city, they should stay away from this bar (which is nothing more than the typical crappy sports bar seen in most North American cities that has the same food as all of the other sports bars.)

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