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Reading Privilege

My tweep and friend, Melonie Fullick, has written a great piece about the privilege bubble in academe. It’s in response to an article that many of us in my twitterverse found disturbing in its lack of critical reflection:


Yesterday, as I was taking a short break between grading assignments and exams and working on my dissertation, I found myself amazed to be reading an article from the Guardian UK wherein the author argued that in spite of what others might say, academe is not a stressful place — in fact it’s the best possible place to work.

This article, which is obnoxiously entitled  “Academia, stressful? Not for me!”, is by graduate student (postgraduate, in the UK) Katie Beswick. Ms. Beswick writes, after a cursory nod to the legitimacy of other people’s stress, “I’m familiar with the problem. But, personally speaking, I still don’t get it.” She then proceeds to list the reasons why academe — or rather, a very idealized version of it — is the ideal work environment.

Read more of Melonie’s great response on her blog, Speculative Diction.


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