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A Roundup of Assorted Ramblings and Goodies

I have a great deal to post about.

I plan to write one of my screeds about this foolish article that admonishes poor people for paying for a college degree. Because we all know how much I just ADORE individual “solutions” to structural problems.

I also want to direct folks to and engage with this great Daily Kos piece that finally, finally, FINALLY critiques capitalism in the college inequality argument. I’m status competition theory all day long. Does this make me a closet Marxist? I really do not intend to be a closet Marxist. I’m a nice southern girl!

I also want to tell you all about a great new blog from my sociology colleagues.

Instead life continues to get in the way. I am fortunate that some people want to listen to my meanderings so I am prepping for another radio appearance (details forthcoming). And, of course, my research, reading, and writing continue to be a “thing.”

I hope to return in the next week with all I’ve planned to talk about.

For now, please check out the links to that Daily Kos article and the new blog, Still Furious, Still Brave, and tell me that I am not a closet Marxist.



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