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From the end-user side the meta-deta and format comments on this great post make the most sense. Like many people, I rely upon internet databases to do research. Academic edited … Continue reading

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A Note About Statistical Significance

Before your eyes glaze over (or you sharpen your claws, depending on your orientation towards such things) I’ll ask you a little indulgence. Several incidents employing statistical methods have happened … Continue reading

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Blog Migration: The Public Shaming of Shirley Sherrod

Note: This is one of those old posts that is getting new life thanks to public events. If you haven’t read Ta’heisi Coates’ “Fear of A Black President” by now … Continue reading

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For-Profit or Trad? How Do You Know And Why You Should Ask: College App Edition

My friend Akil Bello owns a professional admissions test prep company, the delightfully ironically named Bell Curves. Knowing my work, Akil was kind enough to ask me to offer some … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Thesis Whisperer:
For years and years I taught 3D computer modelling and animation to architects and interior designers. As you probably know, when you have been…

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Different Bodies & Different Lives In Academia: Why The Rules Aren’t The Same For Everyone

Part of professionalization in academia involves learning the unpublished rules of how to act, engage, and be an academic. Almost all of us, at some point of our training, is … Continue reading

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For-profits for the common good? A Tierney mash-up

As I said in an earlier post about William Tierney’s HuffPo article on for-profits, I respect Bill a great deal. However, with today’s memo on Inside Higher Education about the … Continue reading

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