some of us are brave

From the end-user side the meta-deta and format comments on this great post make the most sense. Like many people, I rely upon internet databases to do research. Academic edited volumes rarely have per chapter tagging. So, the book may not be tagged according to my interest or search because it is too broad. And there is no tagging for the chapter that would have been helpful. And, if I do find the chapter rarely can I read it online, even when using university library proxies. They simply don’t scan chapters that way. That means a trip to check the book out. While I do that frequently I can understand being in the field or working on a diss from afar and that being a roadblock. Finally, why aren’t academic volumes routinely in e-formats? And even when they are why are they so damned expensive?? $80 for an e-book is not uncommon in my experience. That’s for a chapter I’m not sure I need because I can’t read it beforehand, by the way.


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