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Emory University Students Plan Meeting to Discuss Program Cuts: Details

Per a notice from Facebook please note the following is happening Monday, Sept 17th at Noon in the Quad at Emory University:


Discussion of LGS decisions
Public Event · By Luke Donahue
  •   Dear all: there will be a meeting on the quad at noon on Monday to mobilize and to discuss the Emory Graduate School’s recent cuts. Please disseminate widely, so that faculty and students in all departments across the university know about this event.


For those of you aware of this, please distribute this notice. Aside from the obtuse and rather arrogant rhetoric of the letter that we all received, I believe that it is important to find out the reasoning behind these decisions, and to be informed of the criteria used to judge Emory’s ‘academic eminence.’ These recent decisions have implications for all of us. In fact, today I heard librarians, my colleagues, discuss the fate of Comp Lit and French and do so without even coming to my desk as I am the Librarian for those departments. And to hear them talk about why it might be a good thing that departments get axed for not graduating PhD students in 5 years…today’s decision changes the way that people perceive graduate education and what it means to be a PhD student and to earn a PhD in the humanities. My heart-felt thoughts to all those doing scholarly work in the ILA, Spanish, Visual Studies, Economics, Journalism, and education, the latter which is an irony we should not forget.

One comment on “Emory University Students Plan Meeting to Discuss Program Cuts: Details

  1. sophylou
    September 17, 2012

    Checked and the librarian speaking is working on his PhD in Comp Lit, which made me feel even sadder for him listening to librarians justifying PhD program closures. 😦

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