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A few days ago, we got into a discussion about whether the grad skool rulz ($2 – cheap!) are too pessimistic. One commenter wanted to know how hard academia is relative to other careers. Here’s how I would compute it. First, what % of students will complete their degrees? Second, what % of graduates land in jobs that they were aiming for? Call the final number (completion x intended employment rate) the “end of pipeline” number.

  • Academic PhD programs have a 50% completion rate … after 10 years. According to this study, by year six 36% finish, by year ten 57% finish. Some fields do better than others, of course, but that’s the overall average. Half of those people will eventually land tenure track jobs… eventually.  For example, this MLA report shows that 41% of literature PhDs end up on the tenure track. The end of pipeline…

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