some of us are brave

In honor of the VEEP Debate last night I’m reblogging my minor brush with presidential policy talk.

I’m experiencing the same rush of most liberals after last night’s enjoyable performance. But it’s not a bad thing to remember that on education issues democrats and republicans are running on pretty much the same platform.


I roll like that now.

So, this is a real thing that happened. Trapped between teaching my class and going to my next class I see a planned chat with the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, starting on twitter.

Lo and behold he wants to talk about college affordability.

Well, I wrote a song about that. Like to hear it? Well, you know the rest.

I’ve participated in Twitter chats like this before and have found a definite bias against responding to lay policy wonks, academics, or anyone asking very specific, pointed policy questions. So, I never expected Joe to respond to this:

In fact, I said as much immediately after tweeting that:

So imagine my surprise when Joe answered!

It’s an interesting statement.

I doubt that the VP’s position on for-profits differs from the White House’s position. It’s only 140 characters but I’ve parsed less. Let’s…

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