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The Blog Year in Review

All of the cool kids on Twitter are posting their most widely shared articles and posts from the year. I struggle with that kind of self promotion so I will … Continue reading

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Walls and Boundaries: Academics and New Media

In a recent article with the Times Higher Education, journalist Chris Parr gives a thoughtful, respectful treatment on the debates around tweeting at academic conferences. I make a point of … Continue reading

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Until recently, I was one of those people who believed that  online education would kill the university, it was  just a matter of time. However,…

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Inequality and Organizations: Finally Someone Speaking My Language!

I have talked here before about how shocked I am that org theory so rarely engages ideas of inequality. I mean, we even call structural racism institutional racism. The word … Continue reading

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My Latest at UVenus: Risk and Ethics of Public Scholarship

I’ve been asked frequently enough about my public work to know that there is a great deal of fear out there. People pull me aside at talks. They send me … Continue reading

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New Fancy Report On Job Outcomes for College Grads

A new report, summarized in a higher education paper,  from McKinsey & Company on job outcomes for college graduates says that no one is doing a good job of slotting … Continue reading

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Marxism, Student Loan Debt, and Alienation of Labor

One of the ideas I’ve been working out on Twitter is a conflict analysis of student loan debt. I’m not sure when the idea originated but I distinctly remember asking … Continue reading

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Power in the Classroom

I am not sure I say it often enough because research is, as a doctoral student, my number one job but I love teaching. I hate grading but I could … Continue reading

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