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New Fancy Report On Job Outcomes for College Grads

A new report, summarized in a higher education paper,  from McKinsey & Company on job outcomes for college graduates says that no one is doing a good job of slotting qualified workers into the labor market.

My favorite part is this:

Colleges aren’t entirely to blame, she said, for the fact that companies cannot find enough workers with the necessary technical skills. Before the recession, manufacturing businesses and employers in other industries typically provided most training on the job. Now they’re increasingly expecting colleges to do that for them, sometimes with equipment the companies donate or internships they offer, Ms. Smith said.

“It’s not necessarily that the people who are exiting college now are less skilled,” she said. “Employers are less willing to pay for the training to get them ready for the job.”

You don’t say?! Well, if only someone had, you know, mentioned this before.


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