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The Blog Year in Review

All of the cool kids on Twitter are posting their most widely shared articles and posts from the year. I struggle with that kind of self promotion so I will begin with some of the best from the blogs I read. Then, I’ll couch mine in there for good measure. Thanks to all of my readers for making this a banner year for my public scholarship.

1. Zungu Zungu over at The New Inquiry brings us a sample of his year.

2. The Trudz at The Gradient Lair has a collection of her work, too. Not that I think you can go wrong with any of her posts.

3. I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the post that garnered this blog over 120,000 hits in 48 hours from 137 countries: The Chronicle of Higher Education, Naomi Sims Riley, and The Future of Black Studies post is far and away my blog’s most popular post.

4. The second most popular post on this blog (that isn’t related to number 3) is my piece on Trickle-down Feminism. It also resulted in a bit of public speaking. Thanks to all for that but especially Bryce Covert for crediting me in her piece at The Nation. It’s a stand-up thing to do and it’s not often done in this wild world of social media. I’m sure I owe a lot of this traffic to her.

5. Were it not for this piece clearing third of my most shared posts you’d think I never do any work related to my academic expertise in for-profit higher education, organizations, and inequality. Whew. This piece on MOOCs just made it.

6. And finally this post on the myth of “skills mismatch” and structural changes in labor participation and higher education closes out the list.

Here’s to another year of reading, writing, and being heard.


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