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On Arguments

I have this content highlighted throughout my blog but now seemed an opportune time to aggregate.

  1. I believe structure exists. If you do not believe in structure almost nothing I ever argue will make sense to you. Agency matters but is constrained by many processes beyond our immediate purview, much less our control. It makes me a bad American, I know. While I agree that one may be the captain of one’s soul, I also respect  the ocean.
  2. This is my blog and not a major media outlet. I have published in major media outlets, as well as in my blog. I feel this qualifies me to say that they are not one and the same. I write differently for different platforms. If I am writing here it is a tacit concession that the writing is about me in some way. If you’re ever confused please check the address bar. If you see my name, you are reading my blog.
  3. All comments default to moderation because, as it turns out, anonymous human nature is a disgusting thing. If I’m going to be defecated on I can make more money with a live feed of me being a human toilet than you’re likely paying here. Or, so google tells me.
  4. One of the predilections of my profession is that I believe in an observable social reality. I can observe that black women are deemed undesirable without thinking black women are undesirable. It’s like magic without all the wonder. If you will go so far as to assume that I respect human beings, keeping this aphorism in mind as you read my posts makes for a lovelier social experience.
  5. Most data I discuss are public. I always invite you to do your own analysis. It’s far easier than directing me to rewrite the analysis I’ve already done to your specifications as described in the comment section. Because that’s like totally never going to happen. See: economic return on human toilet.

One comment on “On Arguments

  1. RedHester
    August 29, 2013

    thank you so much. thank you. thank you. a thousand times. i thought i was losing my mind. but it is not my mind that is the problem. thank you for giving me hope in my own sanity.

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