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Fall 2013: Public Lectures

In my other life I research for-profit higher education and inequality. As a necessary complement to those interests I also study structural change, labor, and the morass that is today’s higher education “disruption” economy. MOOCs (C and X), DOOCs, badges, stamps, burn books and whatever else we’ve come up with lately. While I will be conducting research on poverty policy and for-profit workforce training at the Center for Poverty Research this Fall, I will also be giving a few public talks. This is one of the most fun parts of this job, by the way.

Center for Poverty Research Graduate Student Retreat is September 15-17. I believe this is only open to the UC-Davis community but I wanted to add it just in case anyone is local.


On October 24th I join the Carter G. Woodson Institute’s “Currents in Conversation” series to discuss my take on economic insecurity and higher education.


On December 5th I am the UW-Madison to discuss challenges to the Public Good and Public Higher Education for the FemSem lecture series.


Thank you to all my generous hosts for the invitation. If you are able to make any of the talks, please be sure to say hello!


2 comments on “Fall 2013: Public Lectures

  1. VanessaVaile
    September 7, 2013

    Tressie, I was at UC Davis 1993-1999, CompLit but with a social theory/cultural history DE, and am still in contact with some there and in the area – so I’ll be recommending you. John Hall is still there. If you see him, say hello from me.

  2. chris
    September 1, 2013

    I am SO excited that you are coming to Madison! Can’t wait.

    So I’m in class first week and talking to the new students about previous higher ed experience and one of the students said he had gone to IIT (for profit), after they had been brought in to his high school to do recruiting! After two years he realized he was being robbed, and now has a hurt load of debt.

    But the take away for me was that in Wisconsin, which has one of the great public tech college systems in the country, his guidance department brought in for profits. How do you fight that?

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