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CFPs: Digital + Sociology + Inequalities

Karen Gregory, Jessie Daniels and I are knee-deep on a volume about digital sociologies. The book is a product of a conference on the same topic held in conjunction with the Eastern Sociological Society this year. We are a great team and I am excited about joining ongoing interdisciplinary conversations about digital+inequalities.

My seven year slog through for-profit higher education led me to digital inequalities over and over again. And, my new research projects deal with various aspects of how digital whatzits interact with inequalities, especially education and work.

In the event that you are a part of this tribe, I collect CFPs of interest. They’ll be posted here, lightly curated, (probably) poorly annotated. The newest postings are on top. I’ll try to delete outdated ones but make no promises. Hopefully this curation is a way to find your (our) tribe.

CFP: Digital Health/Digital Capitalism One Day Conference

CFP: Call for Papers: Digital Methodologies – Beyond Big & Small Data

CFP: Political Agency in the Digital Age: Media, Participation and Democracy

Call for Contributions at Sociological Imagination: The Future of Digital Sociology

CFP: Debates in Digital Humanities 2017

Call for Book Proposals: New Series in Complex Social Systems

Qualitative Research Themed Issue: Qualitative Methods and Data in Digital Societies 

CFP: Screening Scholarship Media Festival: On Race, Media and Social Justice 

CFP: Self-tracking and Health

CfP: Digital Blackness Conference

2015 Social Media, Activism, and Organisations Symposium (#SMAO15)

Unlocking the Black Box: The Promise and Limits of Algorithmic Accountability in the Professions

CfP: Special Issue on Regulating the ‘Sharing Economy

CfP: RC30 Sociology of Work

CfP: Video Games, Culture & Justice 

CFP: Digital Scholarship and the Public Intellectual

CfP: ‘Who are the ruling class and how do they rule?’

CfP: Special theme on “Critical Data Studies”

CfP: Digital Media, Power, and Democracy in Election Campaigns (pdf)


2 comments on “CFPs: Digital + Sociology + Inequalities

  1. Matt
    October 13, 2015

    Hi Tressie — please consider adding the CFP for _Debates in the Digital Humanities 2017_. Thanks!

  2. Deborah Lupton
    September 26, 2015

    Hi Tressie. Great idea! Could you please add this CfP for a special issue I am editing on the sociology of self-tracking in health and medicine?

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