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Most Read Essays

My essays span sociology, pedagogy, and popular culture. The easiest way to sample them all is to browse my online content portfolio.

Here is a sample of my most read pieces, as judged by traffic and reader mail.

You can also download Bound: Blogging on Gender, Race, and Culture as a pdf, order it for your kindle (or kindle app for non-kindle owners), and eventually order a print copy from whichever one of these print-on-demand places annoys me the least with their set-up process. Or, just email me for a copy.

Still We Rise” (with Darrick Hamilton, Alan Aja, Sandy Darity and Carolyn Ash) on HBCUs.

A trilogy of essays reviewing “Between The World and Me” in The Atlantic (race, gender, society).

The Logic of Stupid Poor People (status, social/cultural capital, aspirational consumerism)

When Your Brown Body is a Wonderland (race/gender, assortative mating, mate market, embodiment, racist sexism)

When You Forget to Whistle Vivaldi (structural violence, criminalization, stereotype threat)

Why Professors Cannot Teach Structural Racism (corporate university, consumerism, post-racial myths)

Raising the Floor and Not Just the Ceiling (higher ed policy, status competition, mobility)

David Brooks’ Polluted “Moral Ecology” and Pot (racism, criminalization, higher education, federal student aid)

Reading Hick-Hop (culture, space, place and race)

One comment on “Most Read Essays

  1. wraabe
    August 4, 2014

    Read your essay “Who the Fuck…” and was enlightened about the number of horrific comments that you receive, including from self-identified or email-identified academics.

    So I want to add one to the other side, the positive side, of your comment ledger, because I’m an academic but associated with an “aspiring” (aren’t they all) institution rather than an elite one. Your work is consistently incisive and rewarding to thoughtful readers, regardless of the academic discipline in which they have been trained.

    If I ever have occasion to “contact your university”–though I won’t because I know how that works from the inside–I’ll tell whomever I contact that you’re one of the best. I don’t see the word “jealous” in your essay. But when you’re analyzing comments from academics, I suspect that emotion plays a large role. I’m glad that you’re one of the public faces of an intellectual in the world.

    You have a large fan base. Not large like Miley’s, but one that I confidently predict will endure even beyond her eventual turn as spokesmodel for a weight loss pill.

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