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Critical Learning in the Modern University

I had a great time with the Digital Pedagogy Lab yesterday. I hope to get back a bit more before it wraps up Friday. My keynote discusses our experiences launching … Continue reading

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A Philosophy of Voting and Revolutions

There is a meme floating around. I won’t share an image of it. Somewhere along the way, I pieced together too many followers to casually link to people’s memes and … Continue reading

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When is a Real College A Real College?

Does college promise you a job? That’s the gist of recent Borrower Repayment Defense Rule, covered today in the Washington Post by Jeffrey Selingo: A little-known rule called Borrower Defense … Continue reading

July 23, 2016 · 1 Comment

What Now?

That’s the question. What now? As in, what has happened NOW? What do we DO now? We are in the middle of a long, hot summer in a series of … Continue reading

July 11, 2016 · 1 Comment

I Went To A Trump Rally

I went to a Trump rally last week in Richmond, VA. Here are some comments and thoughts from my live tweeting/ field notes: That Time I Went To A … Continue reading

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There Are Thieves In The Temple Tonight

I spent a lot of years wanting to feel the holy spirit. I tried all the religions in North Carolina and never happened upon it until a Prince concert in … Continue reading

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Discussing “Race, Gender and Deviance in Xbox Live” at #SSS2016

I am in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2016 Southern Sociological Society conference. I’ll be doing a couple of talks while here. The first is a discussion of Kishonna L. Gray’s … Continue reading

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